Does my email have a One-Click List Unsubscribe link?

In compliance with Google and Yahoo's new unsubscribe requirements. Swift Digital is implementing the 'One-Click Unsubscribe' link for outgoing communications.

A One-Click Unsubscribe link will display for Mail House contacts, and if one or more Mail Groups were selected for the publication.


What is a One-Click Unsubscribe link? mceclip1.png

A One-Click 'List Unsubscribe' link can be seen in the inbox, next to the Sender Name when viewing an email. 

This Unsubscribe link or 'List-Unsubscribe' allows recipients to unsubscribe from the Mail Groups included for this publication. The One-Click unsubscribe link should not redirect the reader from their inbox/page.


This link is automatically generated by the recipients email client according to the 'List-Unsubscribe' information. Its appearance, placement and text cannot be edited.

The link may or may not be visible for some contacts, depending on the particular inbox settings / version / update requirements for the recipients email application.


What does clicking the List Unsubscribe link do?

The action performed is set at the Account level. 

Default:  Clicks to the List-Unsubscribe link will 'remove' the contact from all Mail Groups used when publishing the email

Global:  Clicks to the List-Unsubscribe link will Unsubscribe the contact from all communications, and place an Unsubscribe Stamp on their contact profile in the Mail House. 

If your Account regularly deletes and/or re-imports Mail Groups, please opt for the Global action for your account. 

Note: To change your Account settings from the Default action to the Global action, please contact your Account Manager. 


How to check for a One-Click Unsubscribe link

  1. View the email in your Inbox
  2. Click one the 'three dots' icon to view the email options
  3. Click to 'View Original Message'

  4. Within the 'original message' text, search for 'list-unsubscribe' (using 'CTRL+F')

      1. ARC-Message-Signature contains 'list-unsubscribe' in header 'h=':

      2. List-Unsubscribe is defined as 'One-Click', and has a URL assigned.
        Here <URL> indicates the Unsubscribe process used.

        List unsubscribe url.jpg


Who will NOT see the one-click unsubscribe link? mceclip1.png

  • Event Participants - Event communications for registered guests are not subscription based.
  • Ad-Hoc email addresses - Contact was manually elected to receive the email.
  • Recipients requiring inbox updated - Inbox has difficulty displaying/generating the link
  • Recipients with custom inbox settings - Inbox may be set to hide the autogenerated unsubscribe button.

How can I see if someone has used the 'One-Click Unsubscribe'?

View the Email Composer Report.

Just below the 'Detailed Report' heading, you'll see a button  for viewing the Subscription activity for this email. Here you can see who has clicked on the one-click unsubscribe link.

View Contact in Profile360

For a more in-depth view per-contact, see the Contacts activity in Profile360. Here you can see if, when and what Mail Groups this contact was unsubscribed from as a result of clicking the one-click unsubscribe link. Profile360 is an advanced module for tracking activity and engagement - enquire today!



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