Scanning the QR Code to Mark Event Attendance

There are two ways to mark attendance by scanning the registrant's QR code:

  1. Using the Swift Digital events app
  2. Using a generic QR code reader

Instructions on how to access and install the app can be found here.

Using the Swift Digital Events App

Step 1

Log into the app and navigate to the relevant event. Then, simply tap on the 'Scan' option on the top menu.

To start scanning, first tap on the blue 'Scan' button.
Step 2

You device's camera will activate. Simply point the camera at the QR code you want to scan and the app should do the rest.

If your device has any difficulty reading the code, trying moving the camera closer to, or further away from, the code to help bring it into focus.

Step 3

You will see this confirmation screen when the QR code has been read. The registrant will automatically be marked as attended. 

You can then click 'Print Label' to create a name tag (if a suitable printer has been set up).
QR1.png stock-footage-qr-code-scanning-on-mobile-phone.jpg QR2.png

Using a Generic QR Reader

You can also mark attendance at your event by scanning your registrants' QR codes using  a QR code-reading app on your device (e.g. "RedLaser" for iOS, "QR Droid" for Andriod, and "QR Code Scanner Pro" for BlackBerry).

Upon launching the generic app, the device's camera will be activated allowing you to scan a QR code.

The first time you scan a code in a session, you will be taken to a Suite log in page as shown below. For subsequent scans, you will not be required to log in.

QR5.png   QR3.png   QR4.png

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