Adding Ad Hoc Event Registrants / Walk Ins via the App

If you need to add additional registrants to your event at the door, you can easily do so via the app.

Instructions on how to access and install the app can be found here.

Step 1

Log into the app and navigate to the relevant event. Then, simply tap on the 'Ad hoc' option on the top menu.

This will give you an active registration form to complete.

Step 2

Fill in the registration form via the app.
Please note that you must complete any mandatory fields.

Click the 'Add Registrant' button at the bottom to submit the form.

Step 3

You will see this confirmation screen when the ad hoc registrant has been added.

You can then click 'Print Label' to create a name tag (if a suitable printer has been set up).

Ad_Hoc_v2.png Ad_Hoc_enterdetails.png Ad_Hoc_registrantadded.png
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