Tightened Controls From Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Others

There are new measures that email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. are implementing to tighten the control of legitimate emails.

These measures include checking a Custom Return Path for email authentication. As a result, your recipients may see the following warning when they receive your emails. This email prompts your subscriber recipient to either mark the email as spam or confirm that it looks safe. 

To ensure uninterrupted communication, we recommend taking the following steps:

1. Do nothing.

2. Further Authentication: For enhanced security and to avoid these warnings altogether, we advise setting up a Custom Return Path. If you prefer this option, please contact your account manager, and we will assist you with the setup process. Note: There will be a cost associated with Custom Return Path implementation and Swift Digital will need to work directly with your IT team to implement.

Here's how to check whether you already have a Custom Return Path implemented for your sending domain(s):
  1. If you're an administrator, log in to your Swift account and navigate to the "Administration" module.
  2. Under "Account Settings," click on "Sending Domain."
  3. Review your sending domain(s) to confirm the presence of a "Custom return path." If it is blank, a Custom Return Path has not yet been implemented for your sending domain(s).


Information on how to set up a custom return path can be found here.


For questions and further assistance please feel free to reach out to support@swiftdigital.com.au

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