How to create and add a new Contact to your Mail House

To create a New Contact in the Mail House, head to the Mail House module - and select the Quick Search/Add tab from the top navigation bar. 

You may want to Search for your Contacts email address first - to check if they already exist. 


Creating the Contact

Click the 'Create new contact' button to the right of your screen. This will bring up the contact details.

Click 'Unlock' to allow adding information:

Now you can begin entering your contacts details.

Once the desired personal information has been entered, click 'Lock and Save' to create the Contact.

Note: A valid 'Email' or 'Mobile' is mandatory for a contact to be created.


Once saved, the contact will not belong to any Mail Groups yet, please continue with the next step.


Adding your new Contact to existing Mail Groups

Your contact must be 'Locked and Saved'. The 'Unlock' button should now be present.

  1. Select the 'Mail Groups' tab to view the accounts existing Mail Groups.
  2. Using the Add/Remove column, click to add or remove this Contact from one or more Mail Groups. 


When a publication is sent to this Mail Group, this contact will be a recipient (with the exception of unsubscribing or hard bouncing).


Changes to Mail Groups are saved automatically, your contact has now been created and added to Mail Groups :) 

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