How do I set up Email welcome messages?

Welcome messages are a great way of notifying new subscribers that they've been added to a subscription list. These can be done in the form of an SMS or Email. Each mail group has the option of having one welcome message (an email or SMS) attached to it. Ensure that you have selected the appropriate type before broadcasting your subscription page. 

How do I set up a Welcome Email?

Setting up a Welcome Email will require users to access the email composer module. To familiarise yourself with email composer, please feel free to access this link here.

To create a welcome email asset, you will need to follow the steps below.

    1. Access email composer via the module dropdown. 
    2. Click 'New Email' to set up a brand new document or clone an existing one. 
    3. Using the email settings icon, click the "Welcome Email (For Mail group Subscription only) box. 


For emails existing emails that were not set as welcome during creation, you can go to the thumbnail view and click its gift little icon to make it a welcome email:


Once you have created your 'Welcome Email', it's time to link it to a specific mail group. This step will require you to go into the Mail House module. 

  1. In the module dropdown, select 'Mail House'. Ensure you have access.
  2. Once you're in the Mail house, you will be able to link your 'Welcome Message' to any existing mail group you like. 
  3. Go to Mail Groups Tab > Select the Mail Group and toggle the Welcome Message option to the right. 


    4. Once you have toggled the option, you will be able to select from the dropdown the email that you          have made as a Welcome Email Asset from the Email Composer. 

  5. After you have selected the template, you will be provided with publishing settings which allows             customisation of Sender's name and email address, reply-to-email address, and subject line.

     If you have a Custom Field for Auto_CC or Auto_BCC for your contacts that exist on other Mail Groups,      and you tick those boxes below, those Auto_CC and Auto BCC contacts will also received the Welcome         Message for the Mail Group that they have just subscribed to. 


6. Alternatively, you can set up a brand new mailing list via the 'Add mail group' field, located on the right hand corner of the page. In cases where you would like to create a brand new mail group based on certain Newsletter editions or email campaigns, this would be the best option. 


7. Once you've set up the new group, you will now be able to link a 'Welcome Message' you've created, by repeating steps 1-5.

Note: Testing this requires an email address that does not already belong in that mailing list. Welcome messages will only be sent to email addresses that have signed up to the mail group via a landing page. Importing a CSV file into the mail group will NOT trigger a welcome message, nor will re-submitting the same form with the same email address. 

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