How to create new Mail House Custom Fields

Creating a Form or Import that requires a Mail House field that does not currently exist? 

Mail House Fields

Standard Fields: These base fields should always be assigned first. In particular the standard 'Email' field is used throughout your Account as the ID for your contacts (with the exception of Transactional Accounts which may use an External ID)

Custom Fields: These fields can be created to store additional information about your contacts. These fields may populate when contacts fill out Forms or are Imported.


Ensure that an appropriate field does not already exist:

Head to the Mail House > Custom Fields tab and search for existing fields.

It is best practice to use an appropriate existing Field wherever possible to prevent redundancy.

If an appropriate field cannot be found...


Create a new Custom Field

New custom fields can be created when editing a form, or importing a file. Most commonly however, new fields are created directly in the Mail House > Custom Fields tab. The process for creating a field will be the same.

Field name: This name should be Unique and identifiable. The name should accurately convey the contact data that will be be stored here. Special Characters cannot be used in the Field Name. However, a Display Name can be set when these Fields are used in Forms.

Merge field: This is auto-generated to mimic the Field name. This code is used in documents when creatine 'Personalisation'. It is best not to edit this field, this field cannot be edited once saved.

Field type: Dictates what kind of data is accepted. This cannot be edited once saved.

Maximum size: Applies a character limit.

Field Types:

Every Mail House Field has a Field Type that dictates what kind of data is accepted.

  1. Text - These fields accept text entry. A maximum character limit can be set.
  2. Number -  These fields accept numbers only. A maximum character limit can be set.
  3. Single Choice - 'Options' are created by the user. Contacts will select from a Drop-Down Menu when used in forms. When importing into these fields - Ensure the spelling in the Data Entry exactly matches the available 'Options.
  4. Date - Contacts can select from a Date Picker when in forms. When importing into these fields - Ensure the date format used is : DD/MM/YY 

Single Choice:

When creating a Single Choice field, you will be tasked with creating 'Options' for your contacts to choose from.

Click New Option to create a pre-defined value.

Edit or Delete these options using the Action column icons. 

Select one option to be the 'Default' by clicking the centre Radio Button.


Editing a Custom Field:

To edit a field: Search for your field, Click to select > Click on the Action drop-down menu > Edit.

New options available:

  1. Mail House Records with this field: How many Contacts currently have data stored in this Field
  2. Event Records with this field: How many Events have used this field.
  3. Field used on forms: Here you will see a list of Event or Landing Page forms that currently use this Field.
  4. Deactivate/Activate: Hide or show options. Once your Custom Field is in use - Kindly refrain from Deleting options, rather, 'Deactivate' them to avoid losing data.





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