How do I allow my email recipients to give immediate feedback to an email they have received?

Feedback is a wonderful tool to find out how your email recipients feel about the communications you are sending to them. It's also a great way of engaging with your contacts, and letting them know their voices are being heard! This feature is know as the General Feedback widget in Email Composer.

This new feature will enable users to add feedback options into their emails, which can be in the form of Emojis, Like/Dislikes, Star Ratings or Satistifcation.

Important: To view this feature in your Email Composer reports, click here

How to add the General Feedback widget into my Emails?

Like any other widget in the Email Composer module, you'll need to create an empty block, then drag and drop the widget into it. The widget's icon is , and can be found in the list of widgets available in Email Composer. 


1. Heading: This will be the heading of General Feedback Widget. It will be used to distinguish the section in your Email Composer Reports

2. Question: Used to ask email recipients a question to respond to in relation to your email send. 

3. Options: There are several options available such as: 

  • Emojis mceclip2.png
  • Like/Dislike
  • Star
  • Satisfaction

4. Alignment: Choose whether you want the icons to be set as left, right or centred aligned, as well as justified. 

5. Icon Version: This enabled you to set the icon colours to be either coloured, light or dark. This should be selected based on your account's themes list of styles.

6. Border Options: If you would like to include a border around your icons, you can select either a boxed or rounded border. 

  • Boxed

  • Rounded

7. Icon Size: Select how large you want your icons to appear in the email. 

  • Small
  • Medium

  • Large

8. Report As: If you don't have to have a heading for your General Feedback Widget, you need to ensure that you populate the Report As field, as this will appear in your reports. 

9. Show results on submission: You will be able to display or hide results of the feedback to other email recipients. 

10. Padding: Set extra padding to the block, by entering in the number of pixels. This can be applied to either the top, bottom, left or right of the block. 


Can I enable this feature per article block?

You will be able to ask your email recipients to provide feedback to specific article blocks as well. This ensures you are able compare how your email recipients feel towards each article you've written. 

To enable this, you will need to click into your respective article blocks, and enable the Article Feedback checkbox. 

Once you enable this, the settings will be the same options above. 



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