What is a DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)?

What is a Domain Key:

 Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a method of digitally signing an email. If we can sign an email on your behalf, recipient email servers will trust that you gave us approval to send the email for you. Although we can send emails without DKIM, the recipient server may assume that you do not want us to.


Benefits of having Domain Keys:

  • Assurance of sender identities
  • Protection against message tampering
  • Improved bulk delivery to Yahoo, Gmail and several other email services
  • Lowered spam ranking by some email service providers
  • No additional costs to set up DKIM

Setup Process

  1. Send an email to support and request a DKIM to be setup. In the email please include the email domains that you want the DKIM setup for. If you use multiple domains in the "Sender" field, you will need to have a separate DNS bind string configured for each domain.
  2. Support will send a DNS bind string back which you can give to your IT department.
  3. Your IT department will take the bind string and update TXT records with your DNS provider.

Example below:

How can I check that my DKIM has been set up properly?

To do this, you will need to access this link here.

Ensure that you select "DKIM" in the dropdown of tools. In the free text field, enter the domain that the DKIM has been set up for, followed by :plg e.g. swiftdigital.com.au:plg


If you're not sure if your account has DKIM set up, please contact support at support@swiftdigital.com.au.

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