EventsDesk: How do I apply conditions to questions in my registration form?

If you're looking to create a more complex registration form, then try using conditional questions. 

When you apply conditions to your questions, you're specifying whether a question should appear, or remain hidden. 

To get started, you'll need to be in the Form Builder, and clicked into your Form Widget so that you can edit your registration form's content.

Each field/question in your form can have conditions applied to them.


How do I apply conditions to a field in my Form?

Click this icon: 2020-03-18_11-10-54.png to the far right of the field/question you want to add conditions to.

These options will appear to help you create your conditions.


  • Apply to: Specify whether the booking-agent and guests this question will appear for: just the booking-agent? Just the guests? Both?
  • Initial State: Choose whether this field is displayed or hidden by default when a registration form is first opened. If you've set the field to hide on default, it'll only appear if the conditions you set are met.
  • Field, Operand, Condition value: Use these fields to create your condition/rule. Conditions are set by selecting a field to 'listen to', and operand and condition value are for specifying what is being listened for.

In the above example, we are creating a condition for the form field/question called 'Shirt Size'. The condition relies on the recipient to answer the field 'Shirt Requirement'. If the field 'Shirt Requirement' has been filled out as 'Yes', then this Shirt Size field/question will appear in the registration form.

What have we learned about applying conditions to form questions?

  • Conditional questions are fields in your registration form which hide or display depending on certain conditions you set.
  • Any field/question in your registration form can have conditions applied to it, you just need to be in the Form Builder. (Click here to learn more about Form Builder).


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