Checking the validity of your DKIM and SPF record

The Swift Digital Team recommends using the DKIM validator tool found via this link here to check the validity of your DKIM and SPF records.

You will need to follow these steps below to check their DKIM and SPF records:

  1. Go the site: and copy the auto-generated email address that appears on screen. It should look similar to this:
  2. Going into Swift Digital, access Email Composer module, and select any document to publish to the email address.
  3. Clicking the "publish button", scroll down the the very bottom to access the step which requires you to select recipients.
  4. Click into the "Add Mail Group" dropdown, select "Add Email" and paste the email that's been generated by validator.
  5. Hit publish and wait a few moments. You will then proceed to 'view results' via the DKIM validator website. If the results have not arrived, you may want to refresh your browser until it comes through.


6. You will know that your DKIM and SPF records have been set-up correctly, if the results display the following.



If your DKIM and SPF have not been set up correctly, please access the attached file. You will also need to speak with your IT department if either the SPF or DKIM has failed.

If you have any other questions regarding deliverability, please feel free to contact support at


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