Why is Gmail clipping some of the content in my emails?

Gmail clips emails that have a message size larger than 102KB, and hides the full content behind a View entire message link.


The email message is the underlying code that makes up the email. This includes your text, the full URLs and tracking code of any links, the HTML used to style your content, and more. Each letter—or character—of the code is approximately 1 to 2 bytes. The total byte size of every character in the code creates the message size.

Below are a few reasons that clipping may occur and how to troubleshoot each.

  • Multiple test emails were sent with the same subject line
    Gmail often combines, or "threads," emails with the same subject line into a single email in your inbox. If you send several test emails for the same campaign, this can lead to the message becoming so large that Gmail clips the test email.

When your email is sent to subscribers, the content will be sent only once, so clipping shouldn't occur. However, for testing purposes, you can change the subject line or delete the previous test emails in your inbox, and then send the test email again.

  • Content was added by pasting from a website or word-processing program
    If you pasted content from an outside source, such as your blog or a word-processing program, then it is possible that extra, hidden formatting code was added to your campaign's underlying code.

To avoid accidentally adding this extra code, use the Paste as plain-text or Paste from Notepad/Textpad Editor options when you add content to your campaign.

  • There's a lot of content
    If the above options don't seem to be the cause of the clipped message, it is likely that your campaign just has a lot of content. The first recommendation would be to cut any content that may be unnecessary.

Before you cut content, we recommend that you clone the email. This will maintain a copy of your email with all the original content, just in case content is accidentally deleted.

After you cut content, try a test with to see if Gmail still clips your message.

To determine the size of your sent email, you can send it to a test address, view the source code, and save the source code in a document. Then view the file size of that document.

If you can't cut any content, one possible alternative would be to use Read More links:

NOTE: When you change the size of a particularly large image, it does not reduce the size of the message. Message size is based on the total number of bytes in the email's code. Because images are loaded into emails from an external source, such as from our servers, the image size does not affect the size of the message. That being said, deleting an unnecessary image from an email would remove its associated code, which would reduce the message size.

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