How do I set up a Date Trigger?

What are Date Triggers

Date triggers differ from action triggers due to it’s purpose of sending emails through dates or when recipients have unopened a document you’ve sent out.

You will need to name your trigger, and give it a start and end date. The start date will generally be when you want to start the flow of triggers, and end date will be when you want this trigger to stop circulating.


Steps to Set up a Date Trigger (Date Field)

1. Trigger conditions will allow you to place the settings of what you want to send out, and who to. In the mail group section, you’ll be able to limit the triggering of emails to a certain number of mail groups selected from the ‘add mail group’ button, or send to anyone who exists in your mail house.


2. Select 'All mailgroups in Mailhouse', if this date trigger is to be received by any contact in your mail house. Whereas selecting 'all mailgroup(s) below' will only trigger emails to mailgroups which have been specified. 

3. Selecting date fields will allow you to send a trigger email to a contact when the date arrives. This could be sending a birthday message to your subscribers, wishing them a happy birthday. You'll need to have set up a custom date field in your mailhouse, in order to use this option (e.g. D.O.B). Please follow this link here to find out how you can set up a custom date field.

Note: Target date must follow the format DD/MM/YYYY in order to successfully trigger.

4. Whereas, selecting unopened, will trigger an email to a subscriber who hasn't opened an email you've sent to them. Ensure a document is selected, and this would generally be one that you intend to send out. This will capture any recipients who have unopened it. 


5. Add conditions will allow you to limit the triggers to a exclusive group of contacts. This can be in the form of event statuses or personal fields from the mail house. 

Applying send settings for my date trigger

1. Publishing time will determine when you want to send the document based on the contact's date field that has been applied to the mailhouse profile. In the screenshot below, the publish time is set so that birthday emails are sent to subscribers on day of their birthday. 


2. Selecting the frequency will allow you to specify how often these emails go out. Selecting yearly, would mean this trigger will circulate on a yearly basis. 

Selecting trigger document and publishing details

1. In this section, you will select your Trigger Document in the ‘send document’ section. Select a document from the list of documents created within your account. 

2. Similar to the publishing wizard, you will be able to enter in the sender’s name and email address, as well as the reply to email address.

3. Finally entering the subject line recipients will receive once a trigger email is sent to them.

4. Once you’ve clicked the save, the trigger will be activated, and will appear in your list of triggers. 




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