Uploading a New File

Before you can insert a file into a document, you must first upload it to our server so it can be accessed by all of your readers. To do this, go to the File Library and click Choose file. Once the file has been selected, it will be uploaded once you confirm it.


You can also add a description to the file to make it easier for you or your colleagues to locate in the future. This description will display in the summary screen, along with the file name, size and date it was first uploaded. When you are ready to upload the file, click the ‘Go’ button, and the file will be uploaded.

If you would like to bring up further information about the file, alter its name, download the file, change its description, or refresh it with a newer updated version, then simply hit the 'Edit' button.

NOTE: The File Library allows you to upload files in .ZIP, ICS and PDF formats. For DOC file like Excel spreadsheets or Word, they need to be compressed in a .ZIP file before uploading them into the File Library for security reasons.

To insert this file on your Email Composer Document, kindly click here. 

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