Navigating the Events App

The Swift Digital Events App will allow users to mark attendance, ad hoc walk-in registrants and print labels. This eases the process for event organisers in their auditing of event registrants once the event has passed. 

Logging into the Suite.

When you first launch the app you will be required to log in. Simply use your regular Suite log in details.

HINT: If the app won't let you log in, it may be because your account does not have the Events module activated or your user profile does not have access to this module.

Contact Support if you have any troubles logging in.


The app will prompt you to select a Suite account. If you have access to multiple accounts, you can scroll to find and select the relevant account.

Tap 'Select' in the black bar to confirm your selection.


HINT: To switch between accounts in the app, use the Ξ ('3 bar') icon in the top right of most screens to access the list of available accounts.



Navigating through the App

Using the "filter icon" at the bottom right of the page will allow users to view the list of folders.

Tap on the relevant folder to access the applicable event(s).

The upcoming tab will provide the user with events that are coming up in the folders that have been selected by the user.


Click into "view details" will provide users with details to the event

Info: Displays name, date and time of the event, the attendee settings applied, and event organiser's details. 

Registrants tab: Will display all registrants for the particular event. Here users will be able to mark registrants attendance as well as print labels.

For air printing, please access this article here for information on compatible printers and labels.

Scan: For event confirmation tickets sent out using QR codes, the app will allow users to scan registrants and mark their attendance. 

Ad hoc: The Ad hoc tab gives users the ability to register walk-in registrants, by capturing basic details. Event organisers can also add registrant notes via the "comment" field.

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