Using the Events App to Mark Attendance

Viewing your Registrants


Log into the app and navigate to the relevant event. 

Tap on the second tab on the top menu. The numbers shown here represent the number of people marked as attended compared to the number of people registered.

In the example below, "5/9" means 9 people are registered for this event, and 5 have already been marked as attended.

Searching by Name

To search for a particular registrant, simply start typing their name into the "search registrant" bar at the bottom of the page. The registrant list will start filtering as you type to help you find the name quickly.

Tap on the 'empty chair' icon. This will change the icon to a 'filled seat' icon. This marks the registrant as attended.

Undo / Mark as Unattended

If you accidentally mark the wrong person as attended, simply tap on the 'filled seat' icon. Tap 'YES' to confirm you wish to mark the registrant as not attended. The icon will then change to an 'empty seat'.


Access Requirements:

In order to View and Mark Attendance for an Event, the User must have:

  • 'View' permissions for the Events Module. (Administration)
  • 'Edit' permissions for the Events Module. (Administration)
  • Permission to access the folder in which the Event is placed (in the Folder's Permission Settings)


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