What's the difference between my Click-Through Rate (CTR) and the Click Through to Open Rate (CTOR)?

Firstly, let's define each of the metrics individually.


CTR - Click-Through Rate

An email click-through rate (CTR) is defined as the number of recipients who click one or more links in an email. This metric can be a whole number (e.g. 88 click-throughs) or as a percentage (e.g. 4.0% CTR). To calculate the percentage, the denominator is the number of emails delivered (e.g. 88 clicks divided by 2,174 emails delivered = 4.0% CTR).


CTOR - Click-Through to Open Rate

CTOR measures the number of unique clicks divided by the number of unique opens. What it tells you is: Of the subscribers who opened the email, how many clicked. For example, 88 clicks divided by 635 opens = 13.9% CTOR.




To summarise:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) is based on the number of unique clicks as a percentage of emails successfully sent.
  • Click Through to Open Rate (CTOR) is based on the number of clicks as a percentage of opened emails.


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