How do I insert the link in Email Composer/Landing Pages for a file I've uploaded in the File Library?

When sending out emails via Swift Digital, you won't be able to attach documents. Reason being, it will increase the size of your email and run the risk of your email being marked as spam.

Thus, to combat this we allow users to create 'download links'. Once an email recipient clicks into the link, a download will generate. The file will then be accessible to them via their computer devices. 

If you aren't familiar with how to upload your files to the file library, please access this link here.

Once you have uploaded your file into the file library, there are two ways in which you can add the download link in email composer documents. Please review the two methods below:

Adding file via 'Article' blocks 

1. Create an article block in your email composer document. 

2. In the editor select the file library icon. 


3. A window will generate, prompting users to select a file in the file library. Ensure that you also fill out the link text. An example of this could be 'Click here to download file', which will help inform your recipients of where to click to access this file. 


Adding file via the image blocks

1. Add an image block in email composer document.

2. In the 'image' tab, hover to 'link to file or URL'.


3. Click the blue icon. This will generate a window allowing you to select a file uploaded into the file library. (Refer to image below).



What's Next?

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