Why does the number of members differ between the Swift mailgroup and Salesforce mailgroup?

There are a number of instances in which the Salesforce mail group members may be rejected at Swift Digital and vice versa during a sync. When this occurs you will encounter differing count of members.

Here are some scenarios:

1) Swift Digital will only accept one member with a unique email address combination with matching First Name and Last name.

2) Salesforce will only accept Swift Digital members that has Last Name and Company values.

3) Swift Digital use a stricter rule on email validation than Salesforce, as bogus email address can harm Swift Digital's deliverability reputation. We use Email validation standard RFC 5322 to ensure high level of deliverability. This may obstruct some members from syncing.

4) Ensure you are not setting compulsory fields set in your Salesforce instance. If SD people do not have these field values, Salesforce will reject them.

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