Swift Digital for Salesforce configuration Glossary

  Name What it does? What are the choices/actions/possible values
A Save button To save all changes made to the configuration settings No confirmation dialog appears
B Consumer Key Consumer key to be used by suite They used to authenticate so that Salesforce can make call to suite
C User Id 10 digital user's id generated by swift digital

They used to authenticate so that Salesforce can make call to suite i.e. 1471848392

D Consumer Secret Secret token to be used by swift and the Swift REST API to authenticate requests They used to authenticate so that Salesforce can make call to suite
E URL This refers to the Swift REST API URL that is being used between Salesforce and Suite

Right now Its an editable field (it shouldn't be?)

Following is the sample data;


F Sync Mode

To decide how Synchronization should work

There are 3 options;

  • Overwrite all Salesforce fields, even if Swift data is blank
  • Overwrites only blank Salesforce fields with Swift data
  • Off
  1. Overwrite all Salesforce fields, even if Swift data is blank

After each pull, Salesforce will replace/overwrite all fields with the data coming from Swift and overwrite existing values even if data is blank. Only those values will remain same, which are similar to swift values.

2. Overwrites only blank Salesforce fields with Swift data

After each pull/sync, Salesforce will only update blank fields with Swift data. This will be used if Salesforce is considered as true source of data and benchmark.

3. Off

No field will be updated in Salesforce after Sync whether its blank or not.

G Sync Pull Interval Frequency to pull data from Swift

User can configure Salesforce to pull records from Swift at regular interval of time e.g. 1 hour means record will be pulled more frequently whereas 5 days means records will be pulled from Swift after only 5 days and not before.

Records include members from Swift, mailgroups and activities. Please note If New Suite People option from Configuration section is turned off then it will just pull activities from Swift into Salesforce.

H Records per page Maximum No. of Leads, Contacts, Accounts to be displayed per page

This is to avoid performance issues of Salesforce App when huge amount of data is to be presented on each page, you can limit how many records will be shown on each page i.e. 1000

Recommended option is to keep this field to 1,000.

I Activities per page Maximum No. of Swift Activities per page

There can be multiple swift activities of each record. This option is to restrict Salesforce to show maximum number of activities per page i.e. 1000

Recommended option is to keep this field to 1,000.

J Field Mappings Read Fields from swift digital Pressing this button will pick fields from Swift and show under Salesforce Mapping section of Salesforce Configuration, so that mapping between Salesforce and Suite can be done.
K Next Sync Time Shows date/time when next sync is scheduled

This field updates automatically and shows when next Sync is scheduled to be done based on Sync Pull Interval.

Note: This field doesnt show date/time currently.

L Manual Sync Synchronize button This allows user to perform manual Sync immediately, if user would like to see result instantly cant wait for scheduled Sync.
M Last Sync Time Date/Time last sync completed This field allow user to see when was the last time Sync was completed.
N Sync Status (Running/Stopped/Completed) It shows if Sync job is currently Running or Completed.
O Contact Field Mappings > Title Mapping between Swift and Salesforce Fields This table let admin map all Salesforce Fields with Suite Fields.
P New Salesforce record New Records to be created in Salesforce

There is only option available in the drop down which is; Creates as Leads.

Which shows whenever Salesforce will pull data from Swift, members from Swift will be created as Leads in Salesforce. 

Q New Suite people To set data flow between Salesforce and Swift bidirectional or unidirectional.

This option let Admin decide whether integration should be two-way where data from Swift should be created/updated in Salesforce and Salesforce should push data to Swift OR it should be one-way where only Salesforce should be allowed to push new records or changes to Swift and Swift should not be able to through data to Salesforce.

Note: Please note if this option is turned Off, then it wont stop activities from Swift coming into Salesforce.

There are 2 options available;

  • Always create a new Salesforce record - If Admin decides whenever a new record is created in Swift, it should be created in Salesforce, then this option should be selected.
  • Off - If Admin decides only Salesforce should push data to Swift and no member from Swift should be created in Salesforce then this field can be set OFF.
R Reset Swift Digital Reset integration This button allow Admin to reset entire integration to Original state including Mappings, all configuration and settings whenever you decides to switch your organization to a different Suite account, reset link with Swift Digital Suite and start synchronization afresh.
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